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October 11, 2010

aw, i'm being real with you!

it may be silly, but i'm getting pretty serious about this blog thing. it hasn't been long, but it's satisfying. i LOVE pretty colors, sparkles, glitter, nail polish, clever packaging (aka pretty bottles), and good ideas. for now, i'm all about promoting other peoples great ideas and spreading the word. one day, i hope to work out my own great ideas into a small business. the reason i don't feel i can do it right now is because jonas is still very young and i don't feel the time is right.  he needs most of my time and the first few years of life are CRUCIAL. i don't want to neglect him, and i feel if i started something huge right now, that could happen. how shitty is that? whatever though, it would happen to anyone.

that said, i'm focusing the time that i DO have into trying to review products that 'speak' to me.. through packaging, perceived passion, and unique products. i feel this is the way for me to get more into that world, without having to infuse too much focus and still feel like a real person. occasionally, i'll come across a small biz owner or entrepreneur and see someone who has lost themselves to their business, or the lifestyle and i do not want that! i'm continually learning.

i've had a lot of coffee. =) pretty makeup look coming s00n ! what do y'all wanna see in future posts? i've been trying to use darker colors and do darker looks since it IS october.


  1. It is satisfying, huh? And I think I know what you mean. You see all these images and ideas and great people in this community and it is inspiring :)

  2. I've considered making my own cosmetics because then it might reign in some of the expense. I spend more money on makeup than anything else and I don't even have it to spend right now because every job I've interviewed for has been given to someone else.

    I wish I could do more reviews and everything, but I just can't afford to buy entire collections, which SUCKS because I love love LOVE all of Aromaleigh's new stuff and I want to snag some of it before it's all gone.

  3. Well, I really love your blog and reviews, so yay!