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October 17, 2010

1 look with Fyrinnae- Dia De Los Muertos, 1 look with Aromaleigh, and 1 rant!!!!!!!

**hello other beautiful ladies that read my blog!**
tonight i will be posting a look i did today with 3 of the new Fyrinnae shades from the Dia De Los Muertos collection, and the look i did yesterday using Aromaleigh.

Fyrinnae shades - GOD they are all so beautiful and unique! there's not one that i look at and think, 'eh'. you know how that is. i think application and texture wise, 'Sacred' is my favorite. it goes on amazingly, and feels so silky. 'Te Amo' is perfectly named, and quite rich.

i am going to copy/paste something that i posted on my FB today, and i hope it will resonate with some of my readers. i feel the need to say that no one here has brought this about, but it's something i want to change: " i want to address the whole, 'i'm an insecure girl and i hate other girls, so i'm going to be an asshole and try and 1-up them any chance i get' attitude. it's 2010, and it's time to start being supportive of each other. i mean really. additionally: like, i'm sorry if your mom was nasty to other women while you were growing up, or if another female 'stole yo man' in the past, but dude.. life is so much better with multiple lady friends instead of going around with your BITCH FACE on and automatically bad vibin' on other women. it's a real problem and i'm sick of it!" - i have nothing but love for other peeps and i am always in friendmaking mode! love each other!

I used:
-UDPP all over top lid
-Fyrinnae - Pixie Epoxy on top lid and lowerlashline
-Fyrinnae - Madame and Eve on outer part of top lid, outer lower lashline.
-Fyrinnae - Sacred on inner part of top lid, inner V.
-Fyrinnae - Danse Macabre in crease, applied like the shape of a rainbow. cool description, right?
-Kryolan Aqua color Liner
-Meow Cosmetics - Canary Diamond tinted glow powder. quickly becoming something i need full size. recommended for highlighting, and blending to make soft.
-Urban Decay - blush in Fetish. also recommended!
-Lancome color design lipstick in Vintage Rose.
-Rimmel eye pencil in Jungle. had it forever.

the world is on my bed in the pic below! i think next time i do this color combo, i'll use a darker purple on the lower lashline. i feel like i was too light with the color and there wasn't enough contrast. 'Asteria' seemed like a deeper purple. and 'Incendio', when swatched on my wet hand had purple glitter that was very prominent. NOT over PE. oh well.

i used:
Aromaleigh(AL)- Incendio - all over top lid, atop Pixe Epoxy
AL - riddikulus - above crease also applied using a rainbow shape
AL - Asteria in crease and lower lashline.
same blush as above, canary diamond
Lips: Clinique - Sweet Honey

i'm fading away.. night y'all


  1. Very pretty! And I agree with you, wholeheartedly. Girls suck sometimes. I miss being friends with guys.

  2. i am not saying that girls suck, by any means! i love girls! i just don't understand hate coming out of nowhere. my message is love haha.

  3. Both these looks are stunning! Really like the second one, I was aiming for a color combo like that last week and it just wouldn't work.

    I agree - girls can be sucky like that. There's no need for it.

  4. About the insecure girls/bitch face - hell yeah baby girl! That's half the reason women don't rise in power as fast as men do (corporate, politics, etc.) because not only are we fighting the men, we're fighting OTHER women. We should band together instead of hating on each other! If we did, hell, we could take over the world. Men already know we're powerful as all hell. :)

    Loving the looks. I really wish I knew how you did your liner! Every time I try that cat-eye wing, it fails miserably. :( :(

  5. Beautiful looks and amen on the FB post. Not sure why women are so damned threatened by other women. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. All caused by insecurities I think. Happy Sunday!

  6. I need Sacred now! So pretty! And I love the AL look! The purple wings are awesome

  7. These looks are all so pretty, and your liner is PRECISION! WOW!

  8. You look lovely! I especially love the last look. Madame & Eve looks cool with your color placement. That color is so great for layering!

  9. thank you all! LadyInTopHat, what is your name? i was just gonna say, if you have a really thin, quality brush it isn't so hard to get your liner lookin' good.

    robyn - do you have any makeupfail pics of the look you did? i think you should try again. i love the colors together =)

    Dominique - thank you!! i see you have a lil boy as well, how old is he?!

  10. thanks Phyrra! dude, madame and eve is quickly becoming a favorite. it's so easy to blend!

  11. Love the 2 looks , very pretty :)

  12. Ugh, I hate the whole "we're girls, we're catty" crap. Boo to that.

    I love these two looks, and that wink shot is especially cute! :)