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October 21, 2010

dreamy look, done with 1 Morgana Cryptoria shadow and 3 Aromaleigh

hello! it's a real shame the charger is broken.. now i have about 10 minutes left til the computer dies and i just HAVE to post today! this look is from yesterday. i even wore lipstick! haha! i'm a little disappointed that the gold didn't show up too well.. i should have used more. and i wish i had done a thinner liner. oh well, if you recreate this look, i suggest more gold, and a more vibrant purple. I'll do it better next time. all things that i don't like aside, i really like the way it turned out overall. the little gold glitters in Brew Haha inspired me to use more gold with this look.

I used:
-UDPP, and Pixie Epoxy on top lid and lower lashline only
-Morgana Cryptoria - Brew Haha from the Haunted Eyes 2010 collection all over top lid, then FOILED on top of itself.
-Aromaleigh(AL) Obliviate in crease and in middle of lower lashline
-AL - Opiate Advice on inner v and blended above top lid.. does that make sense? like, blended into Obliviate.
- AL - Pink Portent on browbone and all around the eye for softening and brightness purposes.
- AL - Serpensortia on lower lashline and under liner wing, it's the gold that you see.
- i mixed a little Brew Haha with Serpensortia and put it on top of my liner right away. it didn't turn out evenly and i wish i had done a thinner liner. (i know i already said that, but i really mean it)
LASHES - DiorShow mascara
BLUSH - Meow Cosmetics - Livid Lilac
LIPS - MAC lustre - Pretty Please with some Smashbox gloss on top. If your lips aren't in good condition, Pretty Please looks NASTY!

see ya!


  1. How beautiful. This combination really suits your eyes. Brew Haha is an interesting color. I received it yesterday and it's cool to see a look with it.

  2. Do you wax/pluck/thread your eyebrows? There are no stray hairs to be seen!

  3. zombie - thank you! yeah, brew haha is interesting. i was really hoping to get the pink sheen to come out, but i don't know if i can =(

    anonymous - i tweeze only. i do not wax. i don't trust ANYONE else with my eyebrows!! i'm considering waxing a little bit but i dunno if i really need to. thanks!

  4. That anonymous comment was from Ale B! I didn't realize I didn't put my name or anything. I do the same - I tweeze because I'm afraid I'll freak out on someone if they mess up my eyebrows. But yours always look sooo I'm motivated!