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October 24, 2010

cool look using Aromaleighs Bete Noir shadows, and Fyrinnae - Calavera Cupcakes

don't you hate it when a fly mysteriously gets in your house? it's been in the house for about 2 days now.. i'm surprised it hasn't been killed or let out. i have a cat, why isn't he doing his job! oh, and last nights (very late night) posting was inspired by this image: - it's hilariously stupid!

ok, now for the makeup. I used:
-Aromaleigh(AL) - Colette all over top lid and blended up just a little bit
-AL - Ambre on lower lashline and in crease
-AL Dulcinea (from En Pointe) under browbone and all around eye area
-Fyrinnae - Calavera Cupcakes on inner corner/v area, blended with Ambre on lower lashline
-Lola Cosmetics brown eyeshadow on brows
-Meow cosmetics Livid Lilac blush
-Maybelline - Champagne Shimmer on lips (it's new, i love it!)
-DiorShow mascara
-Kryolan Aqua Color liner

Here's 'Champagne Sparle'.. lovely isn't it?

Urban Decay - White Widow with a cute lil decal i got from the grocery store!

this is the neon silk i wore, that i named all my pictures after haha.



  1. What a stunning combination of colours! And that dress is cute :)

  2. sweet! I love the how you did the golden part!

  3. Love it! And love your outfit :)

  4. I have that lipstick also, and it's freaking amazing. Supposedly it's a dupe for UD Midnight Cowboy lipstick, but I've never tried that one so I have no idea if it's true.

  5. mango - i have midnight cowboy, and it IS a dead on dupe! MC looks a LITTLE darker in the tube, but when applied they look and feel the same. the reason i even purchased Champagne Shimmer was because of its dupiness haha. plus it was about $6 instead of $22. A+ if you ask me.

  6. Beautiful look! I love how you placed Ambre! The lipstick is awesome!

  7. Very pretty! I have two Bete Noire shadows- Jolie and Darcelle- and I love them.

  8. Pretty! I especially love the lip color!

  9. Ohlala very pretty ! you did a nice combo . I like the BĂȘte Noire colors from AL. Very cute dress :D

  10. Champagne Shimmer is so pretty! And the dress is awesome!

  11. Oooh I love it. And your eyeliner is always so perfect. I really need to get some Kryolan aqua colours, all the people with the best liner seem to use them.

  12. thank you all! such sweeties up in here!

  13. Hi - just found you today, looking over the pages I really like this look on you, great colors with the dark hair. I might go get me some Champagne Shimmer!