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October 19, 2010

LOTD using 2 Fyrinnae shadows, and one that i made! (it's the sparkliest)

now for a real makeup look! for every day that i intend to do my makeup for my blog, it either takes me no time at all to find what i want to use, or it takes FORRREVER. today it took forever haha. i was highly caffeinated and hadn't had enough to eat yet. luckily, i chose 3 shades that work amazingly together.

I used:
- a badass shade i made that i named, 'Jungle Mint' just now. haha. it's on the inner v area, inner corner. (if you google "jungle mint", you will see a sh'load of Pokemon cards!)
-  Fyrinnae 'Omgwtf' applied in a rainbow shape above the top lid and crease. there is also a tiny bit on lowerlashline. and under liner wing.
- Fyrinnae - Conjuror ( <3 ) in crease and outer v area. outer lower lashline.
- Sally Girl Baked Eyeshadow. its whitish with a blue sheen. it's under the brow and kind of on cheekbonez.
- Meow Cosmetics - Livid Lilac blush (i officially LOVE this)
- Kryolan Aqua Color liner, with 'Jungle Mint' pressed on top with angle brush.
- DiorShow mascara
LIPZ - Lancome - Vintage Rose


i hope you guys liked this look! my skin has been such a f'ing pain in my ass for YEARS. it's so ruddy and my pores are large. i have no idea if big pores are reversable.. i mean i know it's possible with X-treme chemical peels, but i'm not really up for that just yet. i started taking FLAXSEED OIL about a week ago, and it's already starting to feel better and more moisturized. i'll keep you updated on how it works out!

i'd like to know if anyone has found their 'miracle' product yet.. and what is it?

see ya!


  1. I have tons of skin issues, too. My face is so oily it's like a grease pit, but I have these weird dry patches around my nostrils... And the stuff from the dermatologist never helped, so I just have to keep self-medicating and hoping something works at some point.

  2. I especially love how you've done the wing on this look, so pretty! Jungle Mint looks AMAZING! Overall this is a great summer-y look I reckon (:

    Your skin doesn't look bad at all, but I know the imperfections are more noticeable to yourself. I had severe skin problems but then moved countries and I guess the climate suited my skin better! Otherwise I use St. Ives products which seem to work okay. It's pretty much a matter of figuring out what works best for you.

  3. I love this look! Great colors. I like peel-off masks, but not the crappy Freeman's brand or whatever it's called from CVS. This Asian grocery store here has different peel off masks that REALLY pull oil and stuff out of pores, and they are only 50 cents. If you have an Asian grocery in your town I would check there!

  4. I can't take my eyes away - it's so colorful!

  5. This look is utterly brilliant!

    I recently jumped on the "OMG my pores are HUGE!" wagon myself, but I'm still looking for the magic product. (It might be Fyrinnae Fluff, but I haven't used it enough to be sure yet.)

  6. Very pretty! I think this is the first time I've seen Conjurer used and I was like 'OMG what is that, that's pretty!'

  7. dull_flame - you know what will help with those dry patches.. taking omegas 3,6, and 9. you can find all 3 in 1 capsule form.. they helped me sooo so much during the winter, i'll def. be stocking up on them again soon.

    suki - thank you! at first i thought the wing was too 'out there', like too far out but then i remembered that for months before i started this blog, i was wearing the same colors everyday and minimal liner. as BLIX always says, 'you're just not used to it.'

    heather - i WILL try to find an azn market somewhere around here.. peel off masks are so satisfying =)

    alice - hehe, the mint color is SO bright!

    morrigan - =)

    kathy - hmm, fyrinnae fluff. i haven't even looked in that section of their site yet haha. i'm so distracted by all the pretty colors. let me know how it works for you in the next few weeks or something!

    phyrra - thank you, that's so nice! btw, i googled 'morgana minerals serenity lipstick' and found your pic.. i totally ordered some last night! i don't know where it came from, but i got the urge to try some out of the ordinary lip colors. i usually stick to neutrals, or red occasionally.. but it's time to branch out haha.

  8. i love this combination. they look so magical together especially in the first photo!

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