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October 14, 2010

Fyrinnae - Dark Fantasy, Equality and Aromaleigh - Expeliarmus

heyo. so today, Fyrinnae's chemist posted this on twitter:"Dark Fantasy comes out such a nice shade, gleaming and morphing to deep red hues, but I've yet to see it look quite like that in any pics"

right away i decided to use Dark Fantasy because it's one of my favorite colors. it's the BEST green, hands down. I did try to get a pic of the reddish sheen, you can KIND OF see it!

i have been severely sleep deprived for the past week or so, so please forgive my skin for showing it. i seriously spent half my day laying on the floor :( oh yeah, like 5 people have already posted about Shiro Cosmetics coming out with new LEGEND OF ZELDA inspired collection called 'Legendary Collection'. GOD, i can't wait to order samples.. Zelda has been my favorite video game since it came out on Nintendo 64. anyway, on to the pics. me sleepy, i just had to mention/'Link' y'all to it!

I used:
Urban Decay Potion Primer all over, then Fyrinnae - Pixie Epoxy on top lid only
Fyrinnae - Dark Fantasy all over top lid, and blended up
Fyrinnae - Equality just below the eyeliner wing and swept onto cheekbone, lightly.
Aromaleigh - Expeliarmus all in crease and inner V - it was perfect bc it's got green glitterz!
Meow Cosmetics - Canary Diamond tinted glow powder
i almost put green glitter atop my liner but decided against it since it's not kurisumas/christmas yet. haha.
This is the supposed-to-be clos up of the reddish sheen, i hope it's somewhat visible.

Clinique - Sweet Honey and Plum Brandy

daylight pics!

night y'all


  1. Ooh, I NEED that green! This is so pretty!

  2. holy shitcakes I need that GREEEEEN! Maybe I'll get lucky and it'll be my free sample but I dobut it, I'm not lucky at all :D SO PRETTY!

  3. WATCHU GOT ON YO LIPZ GURL?? I just received some lip tints I got from One Hand Washes the Other on etsy and they're awesome! Totally excited about them :D. I'm also excited about the new Shiro Cosmetics collection.. I have sample baggies of the pokemon one and I really like it.. I think this time I'm going to order some mini jars. I'm still waiting on my samples from Meow Cosmetics.. and I'm waiting until Fyrinnae brings their store back up to get a few thangs.

  4. dullflame - girl what is your name? and yes you do need that green! get a mini size, it's only $2!

    vanessa- i'm glad you likee, thanks!

    kittenz - i hope you get some too! i wonder if you could request that it be your 'free sample'?

    jennifer - my lipz got on some clinique 'sweet honey' and 'plum brandy' mixed together. plum brandy was the first lipstick i ever chose to wear on my own! dude, post a pic of yrself wearing the lip tints on FB or something.. i want to order from her.. what colors of pokemans do you have? i want porygon! i got my Meow order a few days ago and for the most part, i really like what i got. i got a few shades from their Guilty Pleasures Collection and Alien Abduction that i want full size. something that saddens me a little is.. i went through all my aromaleigh samples today and chose what i wanted full size, and it added up to almost 100 bucks =( when are you coming back to CO? !

  5. AWESOME !;) , Dark Fantasy is wicked ! Really lovely .

  6. Oooooh, you can see the red! *writes on wishlist*

  7. Damn, this is a lovely look. Kudos on rocking the green and red!


    Here is me wearing OHWTO in 'cerelia' (it's like a sheer brown.. with brownie flavor!) I'm also wearing some of the Shiro Cosmetics colors.. I actually got the whole pokemon collection but i do really like porygon.. squirtle, rapidash, ss anne, acid, charmander.. pretty much all of them.

    The lip tints are seriously awesome.. I think I could wear this one every day.

  9. Dark fantasy is a fantastic lid shade on you. Btw, added you to my blog roll :>