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October 12, 2010

dearest followers,

i don't have it set up to email me when someone new follows me, i'm not even sure if that's an option? so if you'd please leave me a comment, i'd love to follow you back!

also, what is your favorite color combination in general? what is your favorite combo to wear? what is your favorite color? lol. i really care.



  1. I'm a follower! Here's my blog i you'd like to follow me :)

    My favorite color combo is turquoise and brown!! My favorite color combo to wear is purple and black and I have two favorite colors! Purple and turquoise!

  2. I'm not sure that is an option, but it is possible to see followers from the Blogger dashboard. Every now and then I'll go and click on the faces/icons that are new and check out their blogs.

  3. I have been following! no need to follow me as I don't usually do makeup cuz I'm not so good at it, but I LOVE looking at blogs like yours and Blix's in hopes that one day I can. I really love that last look you did with the reddish colors.

  4. Yeah, I don't think it will tell you, you'll just see on the dashboard when the number goes up a bit every now and then.

  5. jen - thanks for responding to the color question! i like your combos. purple is one of my favorites too! i always say red is my fave, but i switch it up like every day haha.

    betty ray, i'm following you anyway because of your tuna casserole post YUM!

  6. I like pretty much every color except brown. My color combos sort of depend on what outfit I'm wearing that day. Like, today, I was wearing my Julian Casablancas T-shirt so today it was violet and turquoise with sheer yellow frost on my browbone, to match the shirt. And I have a design that I ONLY wear with my Queen of Hearts shirt that involves red, gold, and a red-orange frost.

    I've been loving your blog. Keep it up, girl!

  7. Hi! I'm a follower! :D (Actually, probably one of your most recent ones.) My blog is still pretty new and I'm still learning the ropes and I don't have very much there, so you don't have to follow me.

    I find myself doing a lot of green and metallic looks, even though my favourite colours for shadows are reds and pinks.

  8. I don't know if you CAN get emails when people follow you; depending on how big this blog gets, that could get kind of annoying if you're getting ten emails a day alerting you to new readers.

    Fave combo: RRRRAINBOW! or perhaps cherry red and turquoise
    Favorite to wear: gold+(anything) and peach/orange+grey
    Favorite color: green!