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October 9, 2010

i think i've changed my mind about swatching..

... because i paid $18 for SAMPLE SIZES. FOR 3 COLLECTIONS. i feel i won't be able to get really good swatches without using up half of the little baggie.. and i honestly don't want to do that =( i think if i had been sent the samples for free, i'd be MORE THAN HAPPY to swatch. There is something i have to complain about with the sample collections. there seriously seems to be next to nothing in some of the baggies and it really let me down. can we say rip off? i'll leave the swatching up to other bloggers, and just do pretty looks with the colors instead. it's more fun that way!!!

that said, here's a look i did today using the STAR of the Mythos collection: Hades. Theia was used as well, and was the absolute perfect partner for Hades. I also used Curious Dream from the Wonderstruck collection.

I used:
AL - Hades.. it's the dark one yo. top lid smoked out and lower lashline.
AL - Theia, inner v and all over top lid, lower lashline.
AL - Curious Dream, used to blend all things together, under brow, and on outer lower lashline for added sparkle.
Kryolan Aqua Color liner as usual

this photo (which i adultered for accuracy purposes) showcases theia pretty well. it's one of the most intense colors i've used, and is one of the best matches for Hades within the collection. when swatching them all on my hand, Hades seemed to fit with almost all of the other colors. It seems to glow.



  1. Hades looks gorgeous! Love this look :)

    Sucks about the baggies... what's the point in sending samples if you can't use them enough to see if you like them enough to buy them full size?!

  2. Oh noes. I paid $18 for each sample set for all three collections. Does it not have the 1/16 teaspoon or is it even less than that?

    This is a very pretty look! I saw Hades and that was one of the full-sized jars I just had to purchase. :D

  3. Oooh, Hades is gorgeous! Sucks about the sample sizes, though. :(

  4. oops, i meant i paid 18$ for each individual collection. not 18$ for all 3. sorry about that!

  5. very nice combo , theia is very pretty