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October 4, 2010

2 aromaleigh looks !

so, i've never been comfortable with wearing green all that much. i'm pretty sure i've just been doing it wrong! i always used to feel like green made my eyes look red, but i did a look today that totally destroyed that old idea.. i even got 2 compliments on it at the grocery store! haha.. the second look i'll be posting is one i did on Sunday. it looks GREAT, and super fresh, but the copper color (AL) i used stained my eyes orange =/ so that was annoying.

tomorrow i'll be waiting for some nice lil packages from multiple indie makeup companies =)

i used:
- aromaleigh - perpetual motion (the copper color)
- AL - tarnished strychnine (the dull green in/around crease, also on lower lashline)
- AL - infernal chaos (on inner v and under brow)
- urban decay - maui wowie on inner v as well)
- kryolan aqua color liner in black, applied with teeny tiny art brush

- AL - mayhem's trilogy (on outer v and crease, lower lashline)
- AL - annysia (on inner v, inner top lid, blended into mayhem's trilogy)
- AL - menta (on inner v and under brow to help blend mayhem's trilogy)
- Fyrinnae - dark fantasy ( in crease, as liner, and on lower lashline)
- AL - rosina (under brow)

here's a hilarious picture of jonas sleeping in a very weird position. feel free to comment with a caption for him!


  1. He looks like he's swimming!!
    And I love those 2 looks! Green shadows look awesome with brown eyes. I am kinda biased I guess, but I rock so it has to be true :)

  2. he looks like superman! hehe.... you look lovely btw!
    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ... ....Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

  3. Pretty , these colors are gorgeous with your eyecolor ! I have all the colors , ... i'm going to try this out :-D

  4. Great looks! Both are so pretty! And you look beautiful in the last picture!

    And I have no good caption. But he looks like he's trying to fly!

  5. Wow gorgeous looks, and the eyeliner is just flawless :) love it !

  6. kitten - thanks! yeah, i think i'll be using more green. it really is a great color for brown eyes.

    krimson - =)

    luna - if you do, i want to see how it turns out!

    peach - thank ya <3

    universe - YES!! that's so perfect haha.

    martiand - thanks to BLIX for the eyeliner tutorial, hehe. all you need is a really good thin brush, a steady hand, and a patient attitude hehe. i got mine at Michael's!

  7. You look really pretty in greens, it's such a hot colour with brown eyes. What are you wearing on your lips in the last picture?

  8. I never checked that tutorial ! I ought to really, that's like perfect eyeliner everytime and obviously the tutorial must be good... but then if it's Blix's I am sure it will be !x

  9. i got lucky, as she taught me IRL!

    martiand. - i'm wearing clinique honey gloss lipstick in the last pic. it's an old version, so i'm not sure if they still have it or if it's changed. i hope not bc i'd like to buy more!