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October 1, 2010

2 aromaleigh looks.

howdy! (i AM from texas) i'm going to post 2 looks i did with aromaleigh shadows!! the first one i named 'aromalight', and the second, 'aromelone'. also, pics of my current manicure =)

sadly, i am still sick with a dumb head cold =( sniffles, runny, and extreme head fog. i did a pretty look yesterday but i only got pics of it at the end of the day!! i'll have to do it again! i also am ordering a BUNCH of samples tonight from 's new halloween collection. really great new site btw, y'all should check it out!! i can't wait to receive my order so i can swatch them and create interesting looks.. plus it will be my first order from her =) i'm also expecting a set of samples from, and samples from the new halloween and fall collections from ughhghgh I CAN'T WAIT!! i get so excited over finding new companies that can supply my craving for new and delicious scents. thanks to BLIX for telling me about them !! ONTO THE PICTOORS:

- AL, all from Lost in Faerie collection
- trixy #28, bluish shadow on outer eye area
- naida #14 on inner corner, top and bottom
- liriope #15 blended into the above shadows on middle of eye
- rosina#58 under brow and blended around inner V
- the sparkles used are a sample from MAC, applied with pixie epoxy, or PE.

- all AL shadows, from Victoria's Revenge and Ciao Italia! collections
- airy ethos #33 applied to inner v
- melone # 44 applied to inner half of top lid, and lower lashline
- liquiriza #7 applied to outer half of top lid and lower lashline, blended.
- magick and metal #24 applied to lower lashline.

and here is my mani, i used China Glaze - Emerald sparkle first, then atop that is Color Club - Si Vous Please, then atop THAT is Cover Girl - Disco Dazzle. enjoy!


  1. Pretty! I especially love the nails!

  2. thanks gf! the mani has a lot of depth IRL and i REALLY like the way it turned out. it's blingy without being too over the top.

  3. These are great looks! I think Aromalight is my favorite, but just by a smidge. And that mani is so sparkly and pretty. :)