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October 10, 2010

Morgana Cryptoria 'Haunted Eyes 2010' Collection Swatches - IMAGE HEAVY

YESSSS ever since i saw this collection on, i've been really excited about it. i received my samples yesterday, and did some swatches today. i am not a photoshop expert and have been wondering why my pics have been so washed out and dull on my blog. i asked my web designer bf today and he told me how to fix it. i went to the trouble to fix up my lighting and figure out what angles would look best for showing off the color of the shadows and i think i did a good job. let me know if the swatches suck or if they are helpful!! - txt descriptions will be after the pics!

Here is 'All Hallows Gleam' (one on left) and Bloody Mary' (the red one) the top swatches are over UDPP, and the bottom ones are on Pixie Epoxy. I've included a few different angles so you can get a feel for what they are really like.

here are some swatches of 'Brew Haha'. It's amazing. it has so much personality and is one of my favorites! the left side is over PE, the other is over UDPP. again, i took a bunch of pics at different angles to show it's many colors.

this next set of pics is (from top to bottom. left side applied over UDPP, right swatch applied to PE) 'She Creature', 'Harbinger', and 'Cryptic'. I was looking yesterday, and She Creature is very similar to Aromaleigh's Hades.. which is awesome.

this is a close up of 'Cryptic'

and last but not least, 'Underworld' (the green one) and 'Zombie Tramp'.

now for descriptions
- all hallows gleam - a deep, complex charcoal with rainbow sparkle. lots of it. when applied, it's got a silver sheen and is very satiny.
- harbinger - matte black with deep wine shimmer, no sparkles. totally goth! i applied this over PE yesterday and lost most of the red color. it might be better to apply it over UDPP or something similiar.
- bloody mary - a beautiful near perfect red with a little bit of matching shimmer. it's not quite matte.
- cryptic - matte charcoal/grape with purple/fuchsia sparkle.
- brew haha - matte dusty/dark turquoise with gold sparkles and a pink under-shimmer. like, when you begin to blend is when you see the pink.
- underworld - matte charcoal base with green shimmer, green and red sparkle. very cool.
- zombie tramp - dark charcoal base with red/orange? shimmer and a bunch o sparkles!
- she creature - a more aqua version of all hallows gleam. very sparkly.


  1. I have ordered mine a week ago , so i'm waiting full of excitement . They're gorgeous , i will not regret it , i think :)

  2. i love it too, i wore it today with bloody mary!

  3. Wow lovely...Thanks for the swatches!!
    Great blog...Try checking out mine.

  4. Great swatches! So pretty! I can't wait for mine to arrive!

  5. thanks!

    hey rakshanda, i'm already following you. maybe you could try following me haha