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October 5, 2010

oh, i was afraid of blue, too.

after doing a look yesterday with green, a once feared all-over color, i decided to use an even scarier color today. blue! the eyeshadow choice of trendy 80's girls and strippers. you can look truly crazy if you do it wrong.. but i think i got it right. have a lil look - my bf and i both agree that these pics are pretty washed out. i'll do another blue look soon.. with a palette from Charles of the Ritz i've had forrreverrrr. my mom used to work for them, so i have a few things. (still!)

**i forgot to put what i used!!!**
- Urban Decay - Piccadilly on the top/inner lid, inner v. (this was a tj maxx find so i'm not sure if it's still available)
- Archetype Cosmetics - Northern Lights on middle/outer top lid
- Aromaleigh - Scratched Scruples as the darker blue in crease and smoked up. also on lower lashline.
- MAC - Yogurt under brow, used to make all edges soft. this is my ultimate favorite matte, nude shade!
- Kryolan aqua color liner in black, with tiny art brush and water. on top lashline, and half of lower lashline, it's kind of blended with the eyeshadow.

i was going to try and implement Fyrinnae - Equality into this look, but i thought it would be too much.. now i see that it would have been a good addition. Piccadilly is such a silky soft blue that i didn't wanna overpower it with sparkles!

see y'all!


  1. "blue! the eyeshadow choice of trendy 80's girls and strippers. you can look truly crazy if you do it wrong" - that cracked me up, because it's so true!!

    You got it absolutely right, looks gorgeous on you!

  2. Holy crap, no way you should be afraid. You pulled this off!!

  3. I agree with Makeup Zombie! You look so pretty!

    Blue is a harder color for me to pull off. I have to wear brighter shades because my eyes are half-blue, half-gray, so that I don't end up with the Dreaded Flat Plane of Color.

  4. This looks very beautiful on you . the advantage of brown eyes, a wide range of colors that you can use!!

  5. beautifully done. looks awesome on you. love The cat liner!
    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ... ....Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

  6. You so pulled this off. What's the lid colour, it's lovely!

  7. Beautiful!
    I wish I could pull off wearing blue the way you are here :)

  8. It looks gorgeous :] I LOVE your liner! xx

  9. I think it looks gorgeous! You do blue very well!

  10. thank you all so much! i wasn't expecting such nice comments =)

    robyn - i used Urban Decay - Piccadilly on the inner top lid, and inner v. also, Archetype Cosmetics - Northern Lights on the mid/outer top lid. i'm gonna go back and put what i used in the post since i clearly forgot haha.