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October 29, 2010

look done with Morgana Cryptoria - Wizardry glitter, with Aromaleigh and Fyrinnae shadows

hey guys! today i got to wear my new AQUA LIPSTICK!! from Morgana Cryptoria, so go get some if you like it. i will do a look soon with the other one i got, Otherwordly. today, jonas and i went over to daddy's work for the kids Halloween party.. it was so awesome! we both got our faces painted. i've included a picture of him and michael at the bottom of this post =)

i finally ordered a full size of Meow Cosmetics Livid Lilac blush, and Canary Diamond glow powder since they had that 20% off and free shipping deal last wknd. on to tha pics

I used:
-Morgana - Wizardry glitter on lower lashline
-Aromaleigh - Dulcinea all over top lid and in crease
-Fyrinnae - Calavera Cupcakes on inner v and lower lashline
-Sally Girl baked shadow under brow
-Morgana Cryptoria Vegan Lipsticks - Serenity
-Kryolan Aqua Color liner
-Diorshow mascara
-Meow Cosmetics Livid Lilac blush mixed with Evil Shades Burlesque blush. they were both samples so i just blended them together =)

michael and jonas are the guys on the left, michael's got a beard if you aren't good with directions haha.


  1. I LOVE the glitter and the blue lipstick! I've gotta try Morgana Cryptoria when I get some more money. That lipstick Cauldron, the glittery black? It looks amazing. I NEED IT IN MY LIFE.

  2. I love Serenity! I feel like I don't get to wear it enough. Otherworldly looks really really pretty I'm excited to see that. :)

  3. I effing love how you draw on your eyeliner!

  4. Your boys are so cute! Your eyes look flawless! Love how you used the glitter on the lower lashline. And you can rock blue lips! The whole look is awesome!

  5. You look pretty! Dude, Joni looks like he really has a grip on that Snickers. Mine!

  6. thanks everyone! haha yeah, that snickers bar was totally melted. he was holding a butterfinger bar too and it was pretty soft as well. it looks kinda droopy!

  7. Beautiful! I always love seeing aqua lips.

  8. I love that blue lipstick! I'm pretty sure I have a sample of it, so I'll have to try it.

    Jonas is adorable in his costume and face paint! Such a cutiepie.

  9. What skincare are you using? You skin looks flawless. I've been using the Anti-Bac line from Dermalogica but it's either too intense or my face hates salicylic acid... i'm going through like a 2nd puberty!