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October 26, 2010

look done with Aromaleigh - Brazen & Bitter, Temper Temper, and Fruminous

hello y'all. this look was inspired yesterday when i wasted my time reading someones hate filled, angry blog post about how much they hate someone. haha, yeah. i know, it had nothing to do with me, but it was the perfect example of what i posted about last week: as women, we should be supportive of each other instead of BASHING each other. like, live and let live RIGHT?

haha. ok, so i was inspired to deal with my feelings in a healthy way by choosing angry eyeshadow names. they perfectly describe the author of the post i read =) also, i'm not sure what fruminous means, but it sounds angry.

I used:
Aromaleigh (AL)- Brazen & Bitter all over top lid and inner V
AL - Fruminous on lower lashline
AL - Temper, Temper in crease and smoked up a lil
Detrivore Cosmetics - Carnage all around eye area, used for softening edges. under inner brow
MAC - Chill under brow
Kryolan Aqua Color liner
DiorShow mascara
Meow Cosmetics Livid Lilac blush
LIPS - Maybelline lipstick in 515 Coral Crush
NYC liquid lipshine in Sheer Ruby on top (this combo is magical)

i hope y'all liked this look. it looked SO GOOD irl!! i think it's a new favorite. anyway, here's to positive posts in the future!



  1. you're so good at eyes! this is perfect for halloween I think! Lovely orange an ddark colours

  2. Oooh very pretty . it looks evil , lol :D , but also very bright and vivid . Yes i really like it ;)

  3. Gorgeous! I wish I could pull off looks like this :) On me these kind of colours tend to make me look a bit ill, probably has something to do with the fact that I'm naturally blonde, with very pale skin, and blue eyes ^^

  4. I love how you can take such bold and bright colors, then style them in such a fashion that I could wear like it was daily makeup. I can't pull off reds/bright oranges the way you do here but I wish I could! Bee-you-tee-ful. :)

  5. I'm "positive" I love all of these! My paleness doesn't lend itself to thses colors but they look gorgeous on you and it's fun to see you having so much fun doing it! One question...does Jonas think he has a different mommy every day? LOL keep posting, I love seeing you and your creations!

  6. Your eyeliner application skills are pure perfection! =)

  7. I LOVE "Brazen and Bitter". I'm almost afraid to use it because I don't want it to run out, but I cut it down with another shadow (made it a bit more opaque and shimmery) so it'll last me a bit.

    I have the Maybelline "Coral Crush" lipstick, but it looked too orange on me so I scooped it out of the tube and put it in a little airtight paint pot and stuck it in my professional makeup kit.

  8. Great eye, and that lip combo *is* magical! I may have to steal it.

  9. THANK YOOOOOU! I'm glad to finally see someone besides me who didn't like that post. It's not that we as women need to be nicer to each other, we as people in general need to be nicer and not slam people down when there are so many more important things to worry about. <3

    This is a beautiful look, and that lip combo IS really awesome!

  10. GOD heather i'm glad someone finally realized what post i was talking about, haha! i don't follow that blog anymore.. it's sad though i really appreciate the makeup posts. and you're right, people in general. not just women.. but i went to cosmetology school, and have first hand experience with how shitty women can be to one another.. so i think that's how i was thinking about it. no matter her reasoning, i still think the hate was coming from a jealous and bitter place.. i must add that the idea of 'appropriating her geeky subculture' is simply laughable. try native american appropriation, that's real.

  11. @prettybottles- My time at cosmetology school was so shitty because it was full of women. I still miss having male friends, but since I only have like three solid friends left at all, I can't focus on that.

    I had a classmate that would complain that her parents only gave her $250 a week instead of her usual $400. Of course, she also faked having a broken arm to get out of working on the practice floor.