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October 7, 2010

long-ass Woobie Bath perfume oil review (with cute lil pics)

hello hello! yesterday i received my first order of samples from Woobie Bath! ! of course, i opened each vial right away because i was excited. i have a VERY, VERY sensitive sense of smell. i put a little of each on a section of my arm (and leg, hehe) and waited. the fragrances i ordered were:

from Fall 2010 collection:
- Philosopher's Stone - A legendary substance, once believed to turn ordinary metal into gold. A complex blend of cinnamon, and spices, woods, anise, vanilla, with top notes of apple. (light, sweet spice and wood) of cinnamon, and spices, woods, anise, vanilla, with top notes of apple. (light, sweet spice and wood)"
- Earth Tones - Natures harmony in color. Light woods topped gently with pumpkin, spices, green fern, light airy floral, and bedded in a layer of deep spices. (sweet spice and woods)
- Forest Gathering - An earthy blend of sweet woods, dampened by light moss, and topped with dry spices of clove and nutmeg. (light, sweet spice)

from Halloween 2010 collection:
-Smooshed Pumpkins
 - Toilet paper swaying from trees, eggs shells littering the sidewalk, and the orange remains of innocent porch dwelling pumpkins litter the streets. Yep, we have been busy little mischief makers. The warm blend of pumpkin, baked spices and a sweet note of sugar.

- Cauldron Smoke - Sweet, thick vapors billowing off a bubbling cauldron. Intoxicating and mentally stimulating. Nag Champa, Incense, patchouli, and clove cigarettes.
Ghost Poo - You know you want to try this one. Just so when people ask, "what are you wearing" you can reply proudly "Ghost Poo".
Arawn - In Welsh folklore, Arawn rides with his white, red-eared hounds through the skies in autumn, winter, and early spring. The baying of the hounds is identified with Otherworld spirits being chased back to Annwn, or the"capturing of human souls and the chasing of damned souls to Annwn". A blend of earthly spices, airy ozone with the glimmer of a campfire in the distance.
Necropolis - a large cemetery or burial place (from Greek nekropolis "city of the Dead") The term is chiefly used of burial grounds, often an abandoned city or town, near the sites of the centers of ancient civilizations. Resins, sweet spices, and dried funeral flowers.
(New) Twilight Smoke - Deep in the forest glen, the Welsh Witches are at it again. As the sun starts to set, the smoke starts to rise. Better be safe and cover your eyes...the Welsh Witches are at it again. Into the cauldron goes: Cedar, Woods, and Douglas Fir to make the fire rise bright. Then juniper, Pears and Pineapple to make the potion taste right. (This scent blend is NOT meant for consumption!)
(New) Zombie Bite - The voodoo witch, she got him, and hasn't fed him right. Now he is loose and hunting you, with a Zombie appetite. Neroli, Violets, green herbs, death florals and dark musk.

the sample i got:
Wild Hare - Woobie Signature scent. Wildflowers, violets, mint and honeysuckle starts off our signature blend. Followed by fresh fruits, coconut, and grounded with citrus.

Review Time, "all is in perfect and divine order."

-my favorite of the bunch has to be Ghost Poo, which smells like vanilla sugar cake!! at first it smells like popcorn, but once you put it on and it dries a little.. you just want to begin nomming your own wrist. plz don't. but srsly, i definitely recommend getting a full size of this, you won't be disappointed!!
-philosopher's stone smells 'delightful' haha. it smells pretty floraly at first, but it dries down quickly to a very dry, papery scent. i think it has to do with all the wood notes. not annoying, and very pleasant to wear.
-earth tones is another favorite of the bunch! it smells so so cinammon-y, it's the most discernable scent in the blend. you can definitely smell the sugar of the pumpkin, and the green-ness of the green fern. it's a very sweet/spicy (not like pepper) deep fragrance and is nearly perfect. it seems to have a touch of fruit in there somewhere!
- wild hare is a very light, fresh, fun scent!! i think anyone could wear this. i totally put some on my boyfriend and we both liked it hehe. the note of coconut is definitely discernable, and yummy. the floral blend is perfect, and the mint is what really makes this scent fresh. it's slightly powdery. honeysuckle makes it sweet enough, and all the fruit puts me in a really great mood. wear this when you feel like sh!t and go to the beach!
- smooshed pumpkins - such a sweet sugary pumpkin fragrance! a lot of pumpkin scents can be overbearing, but not this one. the description above matches the scent perfectly.
-necropolis - this one is weird, i mean i've never smelled anything like it really. the description above is on point. the smell of dried florals is strong, but not pungent. the spicy notes are underwhelming in a good way, and the resins make it very mysterious. not an everyday fragrance, but definitely wearable. mysterious is the word for this one. it's sweet, dull-sweet.
- cauldron smoke is the one i thought would be my favorite, but in actuality.. was not at all. i even ordered a slightly larger size, halloween vial. it's wearable, but gets annoying if you put too much on.. which i did. this one is very warm so it'd be good to wear on a cold day. it has the ability to make you feel like you're wearing old lady perfume, so that's why i'm saying use only a drop haha. it's very cinnamon-y and nag champa-y. i think it could be better without patchouli, and possibly a bit of tuberose! this isn't a bad review.. seriously, just a drop!
- twilight smoke scared me when i smelled it in the bottle.. but then i put it on and was surprised to kind of like it! at first, it's very crisp with mint or juniper. then, douglas fir hits your olfactory pretty hard. and it stays. then sweeter fruity notes come out soon after and are quite pleasant. it's good, but not a favorite. good for a holiday occasion for sure.
- zombie bite -at first i thought yikes.. it smells like old cigarette smoke mixed with too many perfumes and like, powdery soap. it has a deep floral sweetness and could be considered 'dark'. it's too heavy for me and i would never wear it. it's assaulting.. like a zombie. haha. wear it on halloween if you want to be scarier!
- arawn is one for men, or for someone with fruity pheremones. my pheremones lean more towards the musk side, so this scent doesn't work with my skin. it makes me feel like i stink =( at first, it smells like watermelon jelly beans mixed with smoke! it dries down quickly to reveal it's musky notes.
-ok, i had a disasterous and slightly embarrassing accident with Forest Gathering.. i freaking spilled it all over my bedside and bedside table, and carpet. I'M SO COOL AND NOT CLUMSY AT ALL! the accident made me hate the smell, which isn't that bad but boy is it strong and not something i'd ever wear.  you can't smell the spices at all. it's like.. a sad dupe of some cheap wal-mart perfume that a 7th grade boy would try and wear.. sorry =(

i hope you enjoyed my review of these fragrances, and i hope it inspired you to want to try some of them! dude, woobie definitely does foodie, bakery, sweet type smells the BEST. i just placed an order for more of those types, and will probably be staying away from anything musky at all. i'm glad i got samples of them though because some of them are definite winners and will make good, small gifts. i can't wait to receive my next order and review the delicious smells <3


  1. Thanks for your review! I hadn't heard of this company before. I'll have to go check out their shop! And I hate it when I spill stuff like that! :)

  2. yeah i hadn't either til Em sent me a link. i liked the descriptions and the prices are A+.. i forgot to add that part to the post. i'll have to go back and edit that in hehe.

  3. These look pretty interesting. I just bought some Halloween-inspired scents from 1 Hand Washes the Other and Solstice Scents on etsy.. waiting to see how those turn out when they come in. Woobie looks pretty cool although their store layout sucks. So does Aromaleigh's.. I get so impatient about the formatting that I give up on looking at stuff.

  4. i just heard about OHWTO today! you'll have to let me know how you like them. the good thing about woobie is their prices!

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