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October 18, 2010

fairy makeup look w/ Fyrinnae, a purple i made, and Coastal Scents glitter.

yesterday i did a look that i fell in love with, and will be doing again for sure! michael said i looked like a fairy nymph haha. he's the type of guy who likes minimal to no makeup, but he actually liked this so it made me really happy. i'm about to collapse into my bed, so here's what i used:

- Fyrinnae - Pixie Epoxy on lid and lower lashline
- Fyrinnae - Calavera Cupcakes all over top lid, and inner v
- The darker purple in the crease is something i made =)
- Fyrinnae - Eternal Innocence on lower lashline and under eyeliner wing
- Fyrinnae - (free sample i got!) Otherworld under brow and cheekbones
- Kryolan Aqua Color liner in black
- DiorShow mascara
- Coastal Scents Emerald Green glitter powder mixed with Sally Girl glitter glue, applied with a crappy Bare Minerals brush i bought for liner. it works for applying glitter, at least!
LIPS - an un-named color in a Sugar palette i got at TJ Maxx. too bad there's hardly any left. i f'ing love it.

hope y'all like this look! are there any colors you'd like to see me use? i'm open to suggestions!


  1. You are the reason I just ordered a buckload of samples from Fyrinnae. I am sooo looking forward to them!
    I love the make up - especially the green liner!

  2. did you use the same blush as your last post? I really like the purple/green glitter effect going on..

    I think you should do an Aishwarya Rai-inspired look or an Indian wedding look.

  3. That liner is so beautiful ! Lovely look :)

  4. Really love the touch of the green glitter liner... gorgeous!

  5. MARTHA, you will not be disappointed! i can't wait to hear what you think about them! Fyinnae is #1 in my book.

    jennifer - this time i used meow cosmetics livid lilac blush. i really like it! last post i used urban decay fetish.

  6. that liner is absolutely amazing! great combo

  7. I love the purple you used in the crease! If you ever started selling your own stuff, I'd totally be your first customer. Awesome combination! Again, I am totally blown away by the liner color and skillz.

  8. That dark purple colour you made is gorgeous!
    I love the whole look, btw :)

  9. Calavera Cupcakes is gorgeous!
    When guys say they like little/no makeup what they mean is that they want you to LOOK like you have little/no makeup on regardless of how much it actually takes.